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The Institute for Applied Science (IAS) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1997 as a joint Russian-American initiative to assist the Russian Academy of Science's international science cooperation, commercialization, and nonproliferation efforts. IAS fosters the commercialization of science and technology for peaceful purposes by identifying, funding and developing commercial applications for cutting edge science and technology developed by the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Established in 1724 by Peter the Great, the Russian Academy of Sciences comprises 455 academicians, 56,000 scientists & 366 major laboratories. The Academy has won 11 Nobel Prizes. It publishes 181 journals and conducts 200-300 academic symposia annually.

"It is a dialogue between America and Russia which has been overdue, but we are now forging a partnership which will bring dividends both for us and for future generations. I pay tribute to you all, but particularly tonight, to our friends from Russia. You serve not only your own nations, but all nations, by your efforts"


Reception hosted by the Institute for Applied Science. Guest of Honor Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, United Kingdom. Left to right: Anna Tsiporkina, Executive Secretary to the IAS Board of Directors; Phillip A. Petersen, Board Member; Duncan Wood, IAS Director of Research; Evgeny P. Velikhov, Board Member; Lev S. Sandakhchiev, Board Member; Baroness Thatcher; Willian Curran, Board Member; Nikolay A. Plate, Board Member; Hugh Casey, IAS Senior Scientist; and John Wood, Board Chairman.

Academician Nikolay Plate, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Director of the Institute for Applied Science (left) with Russian President Vladimir Putin (center) and Academician Anatoly Miroshnikov (right) at the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (IBCH) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Evgeny P. Velikhov, IAS Director

Dr. Evgeny P. Velikhov, IAS Director

Institute For Applied Science objectives:

  • To create value through the commercialization of R&D Intellectual Property developed in the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • To facilitate nonproliferation activities & assist intergovernmental cooperation programs;
  • To create private initiatives to apply scientific and technical skills in peaceful, transparent and sustainable economic activity;
  • To support commercialization of Russian Institutes;
  • To provide commercial training experience and skills development;
  • To advise on nonproliferation policy structure and implementation;
  • To provide a respected private sector channel of communication and collaboration between Russia and America to foster understanding and effectiveness regarding nonproliferation and technology policy cooperation.

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