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Members of the Board of Directors

Leading members of the Board of Directors, John Wood standing on right, Evgeny Velikhov sitting in US Senator Pat Roberts chair with the Senator standing on left.

The Institute for Applied Science (IAS) is a US nonprofit corporation, founded in 1997 as an independent Russian-American collaboration to assist the Russian Academy of Science's international science cooperation and nonproliferation efforts.

IAS fosters the commercialization of  Russian science and technology for peaceful purposes by identifying, funding and developing commercial applications for advanced science and technology developed in the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, the Russian Academy of Sciences comprises 455 academicians, 56,000 scientists & 366 major laboratories. The Academy has won 11 Nobel Prizes.  It publishes 181 journals and conducts 200-300 academic symposia annually.

The Institute is wholly independent. Its work is complimentary to and not competitive with government programmes; indeed under appropriate circumstances the Institute acts as facilitator of relevant government programmes.

The Institute, and its work, stands at the crossroads of scientific, governmental and commercial facilitation.

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