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Epicenter Market LLC
Laboratory for Biological MicroChips
Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry
DARREL GREEN Learning Center
WEBVERSA - Renamed "Entrieva," a software company specializing in indexing, categorization and organizing unstructured text from virtually any source.
Southern Research Institute - A diversified network of collaborative centers for scientific discovery and technology development.
ProLease - A global leader in business process solutions.
Portris, Inc. - A time-management software development start-up funded by US Technologies.
Perot Systems Corporation - A global provider of technology-based business solutions in selected industry sectors.
MEC - Founded in 1983, MEC International Ltd, is an international business development company working with both the public and the private sector. From its London base, the company operates as a virtual organisation utilising e-commerce technology in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Clients use MEC's unique combination of skills and expertise to develop their strategic and commercial interests in these emerging markets. MEC also helps clients from those regions develop their operations in the West.
LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATIONAL LABORATORY - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is managed by the University of California for the Department of Energy.The Laboratory is committed to serving as a national resource to address the nation's technological challenges. As a multidisciplinary laboratory, Lawrence Livermore has applied its considerable skills in high-performance computing, advanced engineering, and the management of large research and development projects to become a science and technology leader for an impressive range of national needs.
KPMG LLP - An international accounting and auditing firm.
KazTranCom - A Kazakhstan-based telecommunication firm.
Ionidea - A technical staffing and solutions company for the IT industry.
Ionidea provided IAS consultants to Fannie Mae, the leading housing finance company in USA.
iDirect - A high technology company which has experience in the fields of design, installation, operation, maintenance and marketing of broadband streaming media via satellite communications networks.
ENCORE TECHNOLOGIES - A technical staffing and solutions company for the IT industry.
DIGITAL MOTORWORKS, LP - A software development company specializing in the integration of inventory, customer relations (CRM), and data analytics for transaction-ready information.
iPIX - Internet Pictures Corporation