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IAS is a unique resource with unparalleled access and expertise in the areas of nuclear, chemical and biological non-proliferation and critical infrastructure security. The Institute was created by the leaders of the Russian nuclear, chemical and biological/pharmaceutical programs, in partnership with prominent American supporters of non-proliferation and economic development efforts. The Institute's founders include:


Dr. Evgeny P. Velikhov

Dr. Evgeny P. Velikhov, President of Russia's leading nuclear research centre, the Kurchatov Institute, and a member of the Russian President's Defense Council with portfolios for defense conversion and science policy.

John W. Wood

Mr. Wood is Chairman and Co-founder of the Institute for Applied Science; Chairman of Trilateral Group, London, an international group of companies specializing in Strategic Communications, Economic Development, Energy & Environment, and Technology Commercialization. He also served in the US State Department and as Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the US Government's International Nuclear Material Protection Cooperation & Accounting Program.

Jack Caravelli

Jack Caravelli. Dr Jack Caravelli served for 25 years in the US government. In 1996, Dr. Caravelli joined the White House National Security Council Staff where he was Director for Nonproliferation with responsibility for US nonproliferation policy in Russia and the Middle East.

Elizabeth Allehaut

Elizabeth Allehaut. Ms. Allehaut is an International Lawyer: Expert on the application of Western Commercial Law to the Russian and CIS Legal Systems; formerly she was Executive of the Center of Institutional Reform and The Informal Sector (IRIS) at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; Manager of Programs in Russia and the CIS and Managing Lawyer for the Almaty, Kazakhstan office of American Law firm, Pepper Hamilton and Sheetz.


Professor Nicolay A. Plate

Professor Nicolay A. Plate, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of Topchiev Institute of Petro-Chemical Synthesis.

Professor Lev Sandakhchiev

Professor Lev Sandakhchiev, Director General of the State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology and Research Production VECTOR (Russian Federation Ministry of Health).

The Honourable William Curran

The Honourable William Curran. Prior to his involvement with the Institute for Applied Science, William Curran was appointed by President George H. Bush to be the founding US Director for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.